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Fallback languages

To configure one or more fallback languages use the fallbackLanguage and fallbacks options.

The fallbackLanguage languages is used when no language is resolved.

fallbackLanguage: 'en',
fallbacks: {
'en-CA': 'fr',
'en-*': 'en',
'fr-*': 'fr',
pt: 'pt-BR',
loaderOptions: {
path: path.join(__dirname, '/i18n/'),

You can also use this resolution logic in your own code, using the I18nService.resolveLanguage method.

async serveLocalizedMedia(lang: string) {
return this.getMediaForLanguage(this.i18nService.resolveLanguage(lang));

With the fallbacks option you can have different fallbackLanguage for each language. (It works like a regex en-ZA will fallback to en).